Why You Need Australian Web Hosting

There are many benefits to choosing Australian web hosting; here are the top 3 reasons why hosting in Australia is better for your Australian website and eCommerce business. We have a thriving, competitive web hosting market in Australia which means we have world-class data centres and server technicians managing the infrastructure where your website is being hosted. An additional benefit is supportingAustralian business while you build your empire.

Working with local Australian clients helps both of our businesses, and that’s good for all of us – a win-win.

There are multiple reasons why you would want to keep your web hosting locally in Australia but there’s a lot of people who don’t understand the differences and only buy on price or because a friend told them they use XYZ Company…  At CurtisE Digital we use all Australian Web Hosting with servers located in Sydney & Brisbane.

Australian Web Hosting

Faster Loading Times

Australian Web Hosting Fast Loading TimesThe closer your website hosting is to your customers the faster your website loads. Using local servers for your website along with a local ISP can give up to X 5 boost to page loading time.

Local Australian Support

Australian Web Hosting Local SupportYou want 24/7 support to make sure your business is online. Hosting your eCommerce store, website or blog in Australia on local servers means you get the local support when you need it most.

Australian Data Security

Australian Web Hosting Data SecurityHave your website and data stored in Australia and under Australian data laws. If you’re using overseas servers you need to understand the rights the local government has on data protection and privacy.